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Download all kinds of files from nearly anywhere, including BitTorrent files
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Download managers have become an almost indispensable piece of software in our desktop. Be it to download files directly from host sites, to grab online videos and audio files, or to share content using the BitTorrent protocol, TotalD is the only download manager you’ll ever need, as it has been designed to manage all three types of downloads in one single interface.

Grabbing videos from YouTube or using the P2P protocol to share content with other peers are downloading options that most download managers tend to offer. Getting files directly from host sites without having to go Premium and without having to suffer speed restrictions is an option that is not easy to find in any of its competitors. TotalD has organized these three types of downloads in three menu options, each opening its own dialog with its own settings. If you happen to mix them up, chances are that you get nothing but a bunch of frustrating download errors that have nothing to do with your ISP provider or your Internet connection.

These strict rules apply mainly to the “Add Downloads” process. Once the downloads are in progress or completed, you can have a nice overview of all of them grouped by state just by clicking on the various State options – downloading, completed, and sharing.

TotalD allows you to stop, pause, and resume all of your downloads, and it will resume automatically all of those that may get interrupted when the unexpected happens. You can limit the bandwidth of your torrents on an individual basis, and download simultaneously as many of them as you wish. Unless you’re using the Basic free version of the program, which suffers from severe limitations in the number of torrent downloads, the quality of the videos you can grab, or the access to premium accounts when downloading files from host sites. In order to remove all those limitations, you’ll be asked to purchase a Pro license.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Organizes downloads by type in separate tabs
  • Supports torrent files
  • Downloads online files from all well-known sites
  • Resumes downloads when paused or interrupted


  • The free version suffers from severe limitations
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